AGM Minutes - 2018

PBA Social and Sports Club

Annual General Meeting - 15th November 2018

Minutes of Meeting


Apologies – The Lord Mayor and Clive Davies



Welcome – Lin Eyles welcomed everyone to the AGM and thanked everyone for their attendance. In attendance Richard Bunker, Corrigan Associates (club’s accountant).



Attendance - 49



Minutes of last AGM – Read and agreed – Nominated Bomber Daley; Seconded Ray Llewellin.



Chairman’s Report – Roger Bagge reported that the football section had brought many junior members into the club. We are seeking legal advice regarding our current lease with the Council which ends in August.  We are in the process of applying for Community Interest Company (CIC) status. We believe that the Council will look more favourably upon us. A meeting is planned for January with our local councillors.



Treasurer’s Report – Emma Baldwin presented the accounts, for the year ending 31.3.18, which had been audited and approved.  We are applying to become a limited company, reporting to Companies House.  We would be exonerated from personal liability. Emma reported a loss for the last year due to legal fees regarding employee issues; an increase in expenditure for cleaning; business rates; Sky TV.  We had tightened up on collecting fees for non-members and we have increased our letting fees. We are planning to carry out decoration and maintenance to improve the club during the next year.  Also we are seeking quotes to provide toilet facilities for the disabled in the lower end of the ballroom. Altogether, looking forward, we are poised to have a good year financially.



Secretary’s Report - Lin Eyles thanked the committee for their work and stated that we will be changing our name to PBA Club CIC with a new logo. A suggestion had been made by Jeff Perkins that may be the Port Company could support us, but this will not happen as they are not a leisure organisation, although they help us in small ways, such as sponsoring the provision of the defibrillator. Our current membership figure is 1032, boosted by the POB Youth footballers. Following a query from the floor Roger Bagge explained the complex situation of providing family memberships for the POB Youth footballers. Lee Williams had been appointed Bar Leader reporting to Lin Eyles.  Volunteers are always welcome and the next job is to put up Christmas decorations.


In the absence of an Entertainments Manager Lin Eyles and Mike Fisher had organised events. There had been regular Saturday night entertainment with singers in the lounge.  Some members asked for more entertainment on Saturday nights and possibly bingo and a raffle.  Four ticket events are booked for the New Year (£5 members £7.50 non-members).  We had held a successful Fun Day, Halloween Disco, and Sunday roasts. The 2019 diary is getting filled with Jazz afternoons; Ceroc; Zumba; Bingo; Seminars; Pensioners; Stroke Club; Weddings and Wakes.  We plan to have monthly Karaoke nights on Fridays.



Election of Officers – Mike Fisher was nominated by Lyn Burrand and seconded by Lorraine Holmes as Social Representative.  The position of Entertainments Officer remains unfilled. Lyn Burrand would like to become a committee member and knew of another person too. The only vacancy for the Executive Committee is Entertainments Officer but there had been no response to this position.


Communications – None had been received.



General discussions took place.


Colin Williamson raised the matter of minutes of meetings not being displayed. Roger Bagge apologised and promised to post them from now on.


Mike Smith asked what happens when the lease expires.  Negotiations have commenced and we are seeking to change the status of the club so that we are more community minded. At this early stage we don’t know what the Council have in mind. The matter is under review. 


David Hinksman asked for more information about a Community Interest Company.  We would become a business with primary social interests and we would look after the membership.  We would have more negotiating powers.  We have had a meeting with John Bos at the Council.  We need to meet with the Project Manager, the Council, and local Councillors. We need legal advice. John Boyce was assured that all users of the club would have to become members.


Jacqui Bagge reminded people that there was a suggestion box for members to make suggestions and raise enquiries.  There was a complaint that the bar in the skittle alley was not opened on the Halloween Disco.


Ray Llewellin volunteered to act as door person on busy nights and it was suggested that other members take turns to do this.

A proposal was made to increase subscriptions to £25 per year.  This was proposed by Lorraine Holmes and seconded by Elizabeth Blake.  A vote was taken and the motion by majority was carried.


Sheila Murray thanked everyone on the Executive Committee for all their hard and dedicated work and acknowledged it was a hard job and appreciated by the members.

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