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David Hinksman - December 2017

The club Annual General Meeting, held on Thursday November 2nd was attended by more than thirty members.

A generally successful season was reported by Captains and Club Officers,a season of enjoyable mixed friendly games, Ladies Friendly games, competitive Ladies and Gentlemen’s League games and County Competitions, club league, club competitions, a successful Summer Tour, Winter Bowling Break and an enjoyable Presidents Day. It was a busy season!

The club has a new, seven metre flagpole and a new flag. Trevor Scanlon has been appointed Master of The Flag and will be responsible for hoisting and taking care of it next season. It is hoped that the flag will fly whenever a game is being played at the green.


Election of officers


David Hinksman will continue as President for a further season the third of a fixed term of three years. Lis Davies was re-elected Chairperson, Heather Champion as Secretary, Bill Hatherall as Treasurer and Men’s League Captain. Dee Crawley was re-elected Competition Secretary and Phil Cormack confirmed as the new Fixtures Secretary. Ray Cook will continue as Wednesday Captain and Gill Hinksman as Ladies League and Ladies Friendly Captain. A week-end Captain will be appointed at the Pre-Season Meeting in March.


When the outdoor season ends early in October and there is no more until next April the only way to continue bowling here is to go indoors at the City and County Club situated at Ashton Vale. Many outdoor players do just that, but not everybody. So it is good that during the outdoor close season there are opportunities for everybody to try the indoor game and represent the club in three friendly games. Playing on an indoor surface is very different to playing on grass and therefore something of a challenge to those playing only the occasional game. The first of the three games is, by tradition against The City and County Club team. This year’s game was played on Saturday November 4th, on six rinks and included a meal at the end. The outcome was a comfortable win for the City and County team but did provide experience for the less regular indoor bowlers from the City and Port that will stand them in good stead for the other two games on January 20th and March 3rd 2018 which will be against local club sides.


Sunday social events have become very much a part of the clubs year. The first of this year’s events will be on December 10th a skittles evening, with additional attractions, commencing at 7.30pm. Others will follow through the winter until the eve of the new season in April.

Bowling is for people of all ages a healthy outdoor activity, lots of walking up and down the green and the chance to learn a new skill and meet lots of people.


So why not give it a try next season? If you would like to know more please call David Hinksman on 0117 9082713.

City & Port Bowling Club

David Hinksman - November 2017

With the club finals week‐end over and trophy winners decided there was just one more award to be made

With the club finals week‐end over and trophy winners decided there was just one more award to be made ‐‐‐ and this is one that nobody wants to receive ‐‐‐ The Wooden Spoon. This is awarded annually to the team finishing bottom of the Monday night league.

The deciding game was played on Monday 11th September between The Lads and Hits and Misses ‐‐‐ bottom and one from bottom at the start of play. Double points were on offer because the teams were still to play each other twice ‐‐‐‐ the winners of this one game would avoid the Spoon.

The Lads led for most of the game but, with one end to play the scores were level at 14 shots each. So ‐‐‐‐ it all came down to one end of bowls to decide who would be custodian of the spoon for a year. What a finish ‐‐‐‐ but only one winner, and on this occasion it was ‐‐‐‐ Hits and Misses.

Sunday 1st October saw the final game of the season ‐‐‐ at home to GB Britton. The game had big band musical accompaniment and a sighting of the Matthew to add to the enjoyment and sense of occasion. But the weather had not read the script, and play came to an end at tea time ‐‐‐ the rain did become heavier.


On the third annual Presidents Day, Saturday 30th September, more than thirty bowlers and friends turned up to make the occasion special. Amongst those watching was John Brailey ‐‐‐‐ a Past President who still takes a keen interest in the club. Guest Bowlers who had never bowled a wood before were Stacey, Gary, Tony and Sue from Nisbets ‐‐‐‐ resplendent in their red tops. With a little coaching from Ken Davies, Phil Cormack and others they were soon ready to take part in a game of bowls. Janice Skelton ‐‐‐ who came to the bring a friend day in June ‐‐ returned to enjoy another try at bowling.

The afternoon started with a traditional spider ‐‐‐ nearest wood to the jack placed in the middle of the green. Woods everywhere and coming from all directions but when they all came to a halt President Dave declared David Garrod the winner.

Bowlers new and established were then put into teams of four and there was a game of eight ends duration across three rinks. Guest bowlers were seen to bowl some good woods considering this was their first ever game of bowls. The highest scoring rink and winners of bottles of wine were ‐‐‐‐‐ Ray Cook, David Garrod, Marion Brailey and Mervyn May.

An excellent barbeque, prepared by Brian Crawley with support from Dee and others, rounded off a very enjoyable afternoon.

Thanks go to Stacey of Nisbets for bringing a team and to Nisbets for their generous support of this event. Thanks also to Warburtons who once again supplied the rolls for the barbeque.

The date of the AGM has changed ‐‐‐ it is now Thursday November 2nd ‐ at 7.45pm.

The annual Presentation Dinner will once again be at Shirehampton Park Golf Club ‐‐‐ On Friday December 1st.

City & Port Bowling Club

David Hinksman - October 2017

The Jack Ashton Triples Competition - named after a Past President of that name, is one of just two club competitions played to a conclusion on one day.

The Jack Ashton Triples Competition - named after a Past President of that name, is one of just two club competitions played to a conclusion on one day. This season saw five teams of three bowlers - drawn before play commenced - on Saturday August 20th play four games of five ends duration. With two points awarded for a win and one for a draw competition was keen. The winning team, by two points, was Mervyn May, Dee Crawley and Julie Looker. Runners up were David Hinksman, Ken Grimes and Natalie Looker.

The club league has ended for another season and this time the Marvels finished in top spot with last year’s winners Exiles in second place. But the Marvels dream of league and cup double ended with defeat against A.N. Other in the Cup Final on a rather wet and windy Sunday afternoon, September 10th.


The Ladies Bristol and District League Team finished in a very creditable fifth place in division two.

This year’s Finals days were on September 9th and 10th. Competition winners were: Sid Holmes Handicap: Ken Davies. Ladies Two Wood: Ray Cook. Ladies Singles: Dawn Evans. Men’s Singles: David Hinksman. Bill Deakin Novice: Julie Looker. Mixed Pairs: Bill cook and Jill Hinksman.


AGM Thursday 26th October PBA ballroom

The Club Annual General Meeting will take place on Thursday 26th October in the ballroom at the City and Port of Bristol Club, 7.45 for 8.00.

There will once again be a series of social events during the close season and opportunities to represent the club in friendly indoor games at the City and County Indoor Arena. Bowling indoors is very different to bowling on grass but does provide the chance to continue enjoying the game of bowls during the dark days of winter when outdoor greens are closed.

…a very unique venue.

Looking ahead to 2018, the Summer Tour will be on the Isle-of Wight in July and there will be a return to Bohemian Island, last visited in 2016 and very much enjoyed on that occasion. Not only a journey by coach but also a short cruise on the Thames to what is a very unique venue.

Bowling is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and the City and Port of Bristol now has two members over 90 years of age. Ken McCullock, who started bowling in the early 1980s reached that remarkable landmark in August. Don Barnes celebrated his 90th earlier in the year. Contrast that with the clubs newest and youngest bowler, Natalie Looker who is in her early 30s and followed her mum Julie, who joined last season, into the club. It is never too early or too late to take up bowling and Tuesday evenings have once again been set aside this season for anybody who would like to give bowling a try.

City & Port Bowling Club

David Hinksman - September 2017

The first silverware of the season was up for grabs on Saturday 5th August when twelve players were drawn from a hat into six teams to compete for the Two Wood Pairs Trophy.

City & Port Bowling Club

David Hinksman - August 2017

For the second season in succession a club visited on the previous season Summer Tour accepted the invitation to play a return game at the City and Port of Bristol Green.

This year’s visitors, Bexhill, themselves on a tour, based at Weston-Super-Mare brought six rinks of bowlers to enjoy an afternoon in the sun at Shirehampton and to renew some acquaintances made in East Sussex last summer. It was a very enjoyable afternoon and great to see the whole green in use and full of bowlers.

Two days later, on Monday July 3rd, 43 bowlers and their families set off on the 2017 Summer Tour, based at the Whitehall Hotel in Bournemouth. This was the clubs 12th Summer Tour and a return to Bournemouth for the first time since 2011. Four games were enjoyed in glorious summer weather at Argyll, Broadstone-Wessex, New Milton and Knyveton Gardens. Two of these were won and two were lost, but on tour, results are less important than the pleasure taken from being on the green, with likeminded people and all enjoying the game of bowls. Lis Davies, with help from Bill Hatherall was Tour Leader once again this year following a break through illness in 2016. 

The tour was successful and enjoyable, with prizes each day for the best winning rink and a weakest rink medal for the rink losing by the most shots.  After the Gala Dinner on the
final evening prizes were presented to the top Man and Top Lady based on shots scored over three games. This year’s winners were Mervyn White and Lin Burand.

Apart from bowling there was plenty of time to explore the area or to make the most of Bournemouth and its splendid beach. For some it was a paddle or even a swim in the sea. The Bournemouth Big Wheel and the Landtrains were an attraction too good to miss for some bowlers and the hotel provided excellent musical entertainment on one evening and a Horse Race night on another - all good fun.

Prior to the tour the men’s League Team had a very successful June winning three successive away games, two at Begbrook and the third at St. Anne’s Park. But further progress in the Gloucester Two Rink ended at Cotswold on June 10th when, despite leading for much of the game and having a winning rink the eventual result was a loss by five shots.


The Ladies progress in the Inter Club, following a great win over Page Park, ended when they met Ardagh on Tuesday June 20th. The away rink drew but the Ardagh came out on top in Shirehampton and won the game overall. Visiting a previously unvisited green always creates a little extra interest and the first ever trip to Banwell on Sunday June 11th was no exception. The green is unique in that it is L Shaped. Until the 1930s it was the site of the village pond and water still flows beneath it, with a pump house in one corner to create the unique shape.

City & Port Bowling Club

David Hinksman - July 2017

There was a notable success for the City and Port Ladies on Saturday May 27th when they beat Page Park in the first round of the Inter Club Competition.

Having lost to Page Park in the Top Club Competition earlier in the month this win was particularly pleasing. The inter club competition is played on one rink home and one rink away simultaneously with the winners being the side with the highest aggregate score over 21 ends. City and Port were victorious on both greens and won overall by 28 shots ---- a very good result. The next round will be against Ardagh on June 20th

The men’s league team has progressed to the second round of the Gloucester Two Rink Competition after round one opponents Dowty Staverton A conceded prior to the game. Round two opponents will be Cotswold --- away, in Stroud, on June 10th.

The club now has thirteen qualified and certificated markers following two markers courses during May. The courses were run at the City and Port of Bristol Green by qualified trainers Don Nunn, Gill Razey and Pat Hayes. Markers are required whenever a singles game is played at the club and now the club has thirteen bowlers qualified to carry out this important duty.

This seasons Open Day, on Saturday June 3rd was re-named Bring a Friend Day, and a few friends of bowlers did come along to try the game of bowls on a glorious sunny afternoon. Amongst them Leon Franklin and Tom Murray who may join later ---- Jan Skelton and Natalie Looker ---- who both did very well and may hopefully be bowlers in the future.


There was plenty of bowling on offer through the afternoon including Australian Pairs ---- lots of walking and a spider when the wood closest to the jack in the middle of the green is all that matters. This year’s winner was ---- Ken Davies.


The afternoon ended with a barbeque --- expertly presented by --- Brian Crawley with a little help from Dee and Flo.

Brian Crawley Flippin' Burgers.

If there is one name in bowling circles synonymous with success in bowling it has to be David Bryant. He has played bowls in many countries and won many things but a lesser known fact about him is that he came to play at the City and Port of Bristol green not long after it opened in 1974. Paul Bywater recalls playing the great man in those early days at the club ---- he offered an apology to Mr.Bryant because the green wasn’t in great shape. The reply ----- it’s the same for both of us!! Paul cannot recall which competition they played or the result but he does remember being impressed by the apology offered by David Bryant --- a great bowler but an even greater gentleman.

If you would like to try bowling please call David Hinksman on 0117 9082713 for more information ---- there are sessions especially for you on Tuesday evenings at 6pm.

City & Port Bowling Club

David Hinksman - June 2017


The 2017 bowling season is now in full swing at the City and Port of Bristol Club. More than a dozen Wednesday and week-end friendly games have already been enjoyed and both Ladies and Gents Bristol and District Leagues are underway. Monday evening Club league started on May 8th and saw wins for last year’s Wooden Spoonists , The Lads as well as the Marvels and Nomads.


Sunday 30th April saw last year’s Ladies Club Champion Dee Crawley take on Ann White of Bristol Arrow in the Champion of Champions Competition. Dee had home green advantage and competed very well in a game that was very close throughout and had a nail-biting finish. The aim of the game was to reach 21 shots before your opponent. With Ann leading 20-19 Dee held two shots in what turned out to be the final end. But with her very last wood of the game Ann took shot to go through by 21 shots to 19. Who says bowling isn’t exciting!!


Trevor Scanlon and David Hinksman played Colin Henry and Alan Ball of Bristol Bowling Club in the City and County Pairs on Tuesday May 2nd --- also at the City and Port Green. The visitors played very well and were quickly into a healthy lead. Although the host pair won a number of ends the shot count was insufficient and the visitors ran out comfortable winners over the 21 ends played.


Saturday May 6th saw ten City and Port of Bristol Ladies at Page Park playing the Top Club Competition. This is a competition in which fours, triples, pairs and singles are played simultaneously. City and Port put in a very good performance against strong opposition but were not able to come away with a victory.

More successful for the Ladies was the first league game of the season, away at Olveston on Wednesday May 3rd. Against formidable opposition they managed a win on one rink of the two played and returned home with a very good two points.



The men’s league campaign did not start well, losing the first game at home to St.Annes Park on Thursday April 27th. But --- seven days later there was a change of fortune when they recorded a resounding win over Greenbank B, at Greenbank. Winning on two of the three rinks and the game overall gave City and Port 8 of the 10 points available for a league game.

Planning well ahead ----- the 2018 Summer Tour will be on the Isle of Wight in July.


New bowlers


Tuesday evenings for new bowlers has been running since April and there has been some interest, with at least one new member looking likely. Saturday June 3rd is open day, commencing at 2.30pm. All existing members are being asked to bring a relative, friend or neighbour to try the game of bowls. Like the Tuesday evening sessions this will be free of charge with all equipment provided.


For more information please call David Hinksman on 0117 9082713.

City & Port Bowling Club

David Hinksman - May 2017

So, any-one know where the white one came from...

After much preparation requiring many hours of work ----- and the arrival of a clock ---- the green opened for bowling on Monday April 10th. There is much to look forward to this season with over fifty friendly games to be enjoyed, the summer tour, club league, club competitions and involvement in leagues and county competitions for individuals and teams.


The ladies will take part in both the Top Club and Inter Club Competitions once again this season. Dee Crawley is the clubs representative in the ladies Champion of Champions and John Conroy is the men’s representative. Winning the respective ladies and gent’s singles titles at last season’s finals decided who represents the club in this season’s prestigious Champion of Champion competition. This will be a first appearance for both bowlers.

The men’s league team will play Dowty Staverton A at home in the preliminary round of the Gloucestershire Two Rink Competition in May.


David Hinksman and Trevor Scanlon will play Eddie Rockey and Alan Ball of Bristol Bowls Club at home in the preliminary round of the City and County Pairs Competition on May 2nd.


One friendly fixture of particular interest is the one at home to Bexhill on July 1st. Bexhill was one of the venues enjoyed on last Summers Tour based at Eastbourne and Bexhill accepted the invitation of return fixture this season.


Try Bowling


Try Bowling sessions will once again run on Tuesday evenings commencing at 6pm this season.  If you haven’t bowled before but would like to try ---- then this is for you. Just come along to the green, wearing flat soled shoes and bowl ---- it’s as easy as that. All equipment is supplied and experienced bowlers are there to give help and advice. There is no charge and no commitment. You can have up to three sessions before deciding if bowling is for you. Bowling provides healthy outdoor activity and the chance to meet lots of people. For more information about try bowling or the club in general please call David Hinksman on 0117 9082713.


City & Port Bowling Club

David Hinksman - April 2017



Time is fast approaching for woods to be polished, shoes cleaned and to don the club shirt again ----- the long awaited new bowling season starts at Wrington on Wednesday 12th April.


Give it a try


If you have not tried bowling before but would like to, then Tuesday evenings at the green throughout the season are just made for you. They are completely free of charge, all equipment is supplied and there are experienced bowlers on hand to give you help and advice. You can have up to three sessions without commitment, to see if bowling on a green is your game. It is a healthy outdoor activity, providing exercise, a worthwhile interest, the chance to meet people and make new friends. For further information please call David Hinksman on 0117 9082713.


Closed season


The club has remained active during the close season, with a monthly Sunday social event, indoor bowls matches against local clubs and a Winter Bowling Break in Torquay at the end of January.


There was an excellent general knowledge quiz, devised and presented by Gordon Dimond on Sunday 12th February. A very wide range of questions were asked to test the twenty or so bowlers, family and friends who formed teams of four to compete for top spot. At the end of what was a very enjoyable evening the aptly named ‘A Team’ comprising Trevor Scanlon, Brian Crawley, Dee Crawley and David Hinksman were declared the winners.


The final indoor bowls match of the winter series was played on Saturday March 4th against Severnvale at the City and County Arena. A very enjoyable afternoons bowling ended with City and Port in front by 52 shots to 36.


Roy Whitfield


Roy Whitfield, a bowler since 1982 and Club President from 2010 until 2012 passed away toward the end of February. Roy was a prominent member of the club, bowling numerous friendly and competitive games over many years. He bowled initially for Graded Grains and then for The Lads for fourteen years in the club league. As well as bowling, Roy took pride in the flowers and plants around the green. He enjoyed bowling indoors as well as on the green but retired completely from bowling three years ago. Roy’s wife Irene was also a keen and well known member of the club for many years and she has continued to bowl indoors since retiring from the green.


The coming season


There is much to look forward to in the coming season including the Summer Tour, this year based at Bournemouth in July. Mixed friendly games will be enjoyed most Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays with Monday evenings dedicated to the Club League and Club Cup. The Ladies League Team will be looking forward to another successful season whilst the men will be looking for promotion to Division Three. There will be ladies only friendly games once again on some Thursdays. In addition, the club competitions will begin in May and end with finals days in September.

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